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 Continuing to Accept Applications 
for the pk彩票-2021
School Year

Virtual Open House

May 19 / 10:00 AM

Email for information: 

To learn more about our North Atlanta campus, please
contact Dave Kinsey at 770-753-8941.

For information about our Chattanooga, TN campus, please contact Heather Malone -

For information about our Middle Georgia campus (Macon and Warner Robins), please contact Michele at 478-733-3241   


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  • Veritas is a brilliant blend of the benefits of a private Christian school and the flexibility of pk彩票schooling. The leadership has years of experience in educational administration and have created an intellectually and spiritually stimulating environment, which is also safe and nurturing. As a parent, Veritas has given me the tools and confidence to pk彩票school our daughters with just the right amount of guidance and direction.  Kate-- VCS Parent

  • "The accountability that Veritas provides is so necessary for us...We would not have been able to successfully pk彩票school our children without Veritas." VCS Parent
  • "Our daughter wasn’t fitting into the traditional, one-size-fits-all school system. Veritas gave us the flexibility of pk彩票 school with the structure of a school environment, complete with an excellent curriculum, great classmates and caring teachers. Veritas’ teaching format allows the responsibility for deeper study, rather than seven classes a day, and has better prepared our daughter for her next step into college." -- Mark, VCS Parent

  • "Veritas has truly been an extension of our family. The curriculum is strong and challenging. The teachers are genuine as well as competent. I have been partnering with Veritas for a decade now, and I am so grateful to God for putting such amazing people in our lives. We are about to send our first Veritas graduate to college, and I am confident that her foundation is solid. Best elementary, middle and high school in Georgia...and Georgia's best kept secret." Tamu, Veritas Parent

Welcomepk彩票 to Veritas Classical Schools...

Veritas Classical Schools offers pk彩票 schooling families a unique complement to their pk彩票 study programs with an emphasis on a classical Christian model of education. Veritas Classical Schools functions in the role of tutor, assisting parents in their educational roles. Each student attends Veritas one or two days per week according to the classes chosen. Click here to schedule a visit.

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